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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
― Dr. SeussThe Lorax

In a world filled with life online, I am striving to share a love of wilderness, animals and nature with my family and inspire other families to do the same. This planet needs a future with kids who are filled with a balance of nature and technology in order to create a better future for all of us. It is up to us to teach the children of tomorrow how to care and more importantly.... take care.

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September 13, 2018

What I learned about nature from a 4 year old

It was a beautiful September day, the leaves just barely turning the lightest yellows, promising for a burst of autumn colors not far off. The perfect day for a Fairy Hike. You see, my son is collecting, as he calls it, “Nat...

September 11, 2018

As a mother, I have grown more and more aware of the amazing mother stories from around the world. These mothers inspire me to get involved, give me hope, have tugged at my heart and motivated me to seek more of them out and share their stories.

 They have taught me wha...

While it seems like sustainability has been ~trending~ for quite a while now, how many of us can actually say we’re taking the necessary steps to make real change? And what are the steps necessary to make real change? 

Although most of us are doing basic eco-friendly th...

February 11, 2018

Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself; from packing for seasonal changes to surviving long flights, bug bites and sunburns. I have a few tips for you to have a great South African safari, family in tow.

I have 2 little boys, ages 3 and 7, so I must be ready for...

January 18, 2018

This may be out of your comfort zone. But guess what? It is a reality for every woman and girl ... every month. In every country across the planet.

There is a group of 36 women who make up an ALL FEMALE ANTI POACHING UNIT , called Akashinga (the brave ones)...

December 31, 2017

Ever since I was a little girl, my father said I was like a hummingbird. Busy flitting from place to place, idea to idea. Which is quite true, and sometimes has been to my detriment. I had found myself that it can be hard for me to focus on one idea, be content in one...

December 25, 2017

It’s  strange to think of creating traditions at the holidays - rather then living out the ones you are used to. But we have started our Animal gratitude tree- and I hope this lives on. 

DAY 1:Raccoon 

This ornament meant a lot to me and the boys. It represents Ranger Ri...

December 18, 2017

While searching for wild critters that start with the letter R, Wildernessa, Cam and Rio, find high-flying RAPTORS. Subscribe to this free Ranger Rick TV YouTube channel and visit www.RangerRick.org for more wild fun presented by the National Wildlife Federation

December 4, 2017

It was hot and sticky, weighted with humidity, the kind of air you only inhale deep in tropical jungles as I straddled my not-so “trusty looking steed”. We had already traveled as far as the road would take us by car, 3 hours from the sooty high-rises of Panama City by...

November 30, 2017

We were lucky enough to spend the month of November in Costa Rica and Panama with our family. My husbands family lives in Costa Rica, they have an Eco-lodge and a Beach camp in the Central Pacific coast. My boys were both born in Panama, and have dual citizenship...and...

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About Wildernessa

I grew up in Wyoming, married a South African and moved to Panama. As a guide and a writer I have traveled the world...now with 2 little boys in tow...


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